The DigiCal Studio

..where digital met physical..

Welcome to our DigiCal Studio

  We love experimenting and exploring new uncharted areas in order to find the ideal solution. We are thrilled on mixing and exploring various objects, technologies, ideas, styles and methods.

Creators studio is

  • About exploration in Graphic design, Interaction design, 3D design, Product design, Interior design.
  • About innovation in Generative design, Parametric design, Computational investigation, Digital fabrication.
  • About collaboration with Artists, Illustrators, Designers, Programmers, Craftsmen, Thinkers, Doers.

The role

Design is at the heart of everything we do. We see our role as a collaborator and creator, a consultant and a crafts person in order to balance the business priorities of the clients we work with, whilst championing the needs of the users we design for.